picture1Company has its own laboratory with modern equipment for all necessary honey analysis.

picture2Any additional analysis needed is done only in accredited food laboratories.

Our honey can be packaged in a variety of containers, such as glass, hard plastic, squeezable plastic, and metal drums.

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We offer exceptionally high-quality honey. All our honey crops are subject to chemical analysis and meet all EU specifications for honey.

Majority of the products are produced as Private Label products of different retailers.

All the specifications, packages are coordinated with the client requests and our possibilities.

Honey can be packed to different packages and sizes:

  • Glass jars: 50gr, 250, 350gr, 500gr, 700gr, 1000gr.
  • Plastic packages: 25gr, 450gr, 150gr, 500gr, 700gr, 1000gr.
  • Foil: 8gr, 10gr.
  • Squeezable jars: 300gr, 500gr, 700gr.
  • Metal drums: 300kg

Honey processing

Company has modern equipment for honey homogenizing, filtering, liquefying and creaming.



Sales: We count amongst our customers the largest retail chains in the Baltic States.  We also export to markets in the UK, Ireland and the USA.

Shelf life and storage temperature

Shelf life for our packaged honey is 18 months.

No special temperature is required for transporting or storage.